Your Website Is Worthless Without This One Thing

Your Website Is Worthless Without This One Thing

Here we’ll discuss the single most critical thing your website needs to increase sales

Breakthrough Digital

By Bradley Roth

 As a local business, you probably have a website. 
Now real quick – let me ask why do you have one? Is it just because people said you “gotta have a website”? Is it because you know you’ll look bad without one? Is it because you want people to be able to find more information about you? These might all be somewhat true. However, this is not the core reason of why you have one.
The truth is, you really have a website because you hoped that in some way it would lead to increased sales. You hope your site would convert visitors into customers. You hoped it would help visitors choose you over your competitor(s). You hoped your new website would attract new visitors. You “hoped” for more than your website could ever give you on it’s own. 
And if you’re like 90% of small business owners out there, you’re think “yeah you’re right. I have one and it hasn’t helped much at all.”
If this is you then your website probably falls into 1 of 2 main categories.
1 – Your website is just not good. It’s either dated, incomplete, or not designed with the end user in mind. In most cases having an obviously bad/dated website is worse than not having a website.
2 – Your website is relatively new, visually appealing, and full of features…but it’s still not helping you like you were expecting it too.
The likely reason is that it’s missing 1 critical ingredient – and that’s TRAFFIC. You could have the best website in the world, but if nobody is visiting it, who cares? 
A website without traffic is a like a car without gas, or a cell phone without any battery – essentially worthless.

A website without traffic is a like a car without gas, or a cell phone without any battery – essentially worthless.”

Unfortunately, many business owners have been led to believe that if a website was good enough, it would naturally drive it’s own traffic there.
This may have been the case 10 or more years ago, but it is certainly not the case today. The number of websites and amount of content being put out on the internet today has increased dramatically from even a few years ago. It’s simply no longer enough to have a good looking website.
You need traffic for your website to be of any value. And if you’re thinking “ok so how do I get more traffic?” don’t worry, I’ll tell you right now.

“You need traffic for your website to be of any value. And if you’re thinking “ok so how do I get more traffic?” don’t worry, I’ll tell you right now.”

First off, there’s a million different ways to drive traffic to a website, but to keep it simple we’re going to break it into 3 main categories below (in no particular order).
The first option is organic traffic/content
  • By creating high quality blogs, vlogs, podcasts, and video/image content across various channels, you can develop a strong brand presence, showcase your expertise, and build a loyal following. In most cases, this will cost you more time than money, unless you decide to outsource it. It will also help to get your content out there by using paid traffic that we will talk about in option 3. No matter what route you decide, you will have difficulty getting people to visit your site and stay there long without some high quality content.
The second option is through SEO/PPC
  • Search engine optimization is closely related to your content that we talked about in the last section. It is more of a long term, ongoing play. You simply can’t rise to the top of the organic search rankings overnight. It takes time (months to years) for even the most skilled SEO specialists to get your site to the top of Google, but can definitely pay off in the long run once you have established your site as one of the top results.
  • Google Pay Per Click, on the other hand, is a paid shortcut to the top of the rankings. By paying for Google Adwords, you can jump right to the top of the search results, although it could cost you quite a bit depending on your market. You also will be showing up primarily to warm traffic who are already searching for what you have.
The third option is through paid traffic – Facebook/Instagram Ads/etc.
  • Using Facebook/Instagram/YouTube/etc. Ads are a great way to cut straight to your market and drive them back to your site. You can reach new cold leads, retarget warm leads, and more. You will pay, but the amount of targeted reach you can get is still quite affordable. Also, powerful tools like the Facebook Pixel can be installed on your website to help you measure Facebook Ads results, track conversion and remarket your website visitors.
  • Either way, your online ads presence should be backed up by a strong foundation of content that we went over in option 1. And, as we mentioned before, using paid traffic is also a good way to supercharge the overall reach of your content.
As you can see just from this “cliff notes-level”summary, you have multiple options for driving traffic to your website. Don’t let your website sit there unused. Let it be that asset that you imagined it would be.
If you have any questions regarding how to start driving traffic to your website, feel free to reach me at the [email protected]