Breakthrough Digital is an innovative Chat Bot & Messenger Marketing Agency currently based in Scottsdale, AZ.

We provide thoughtful automation to facilitate better conversations and more sales between you and your customers


Breakthrough Digital seeks to provide customer-first businesses with innovative chat-based solutions that help them create more connections, conversations, and sales opportunities with their ideal customers. 

We provide you with ultra-effective automation solutions that help you scale without sacrificing the unique personality of you and your business. 

Our end-goal is to better enable forward-thinking, principle-centered businesses with tools that help them serve more customers at a high level.




People don’t buy from you because you are like everyone else. They buy from you for any number of unique qualities specific to your business. That’s why we tailor our chatbots to those unique aspects of your business. Every single chatbot that we build for our clients is unique and will never be replicated.


While we are technically B2B, we think of ourselves as P2P(Person to Person), as businesses are composed of real people just like you. When you choose us, realize you’re also getting a long term business partner, ally, and friend. We believe all successful partnerships are built on a foundation of strong personal relationships. 
We also use our previous value (connection) to help you create stronger relationships between you and your customers. By using thoughtful automation to facilitate two-way interaction, we naturally increase rapport and speed up the relationship-building process between you and your customers.


As a rule, Breakthrough Digital will never lie, exaggerate, mislead, or withhold information from anyone we come in contact with. We will also never work with a business that isn’t the right fit for our services, no matter how deep their pockets may be. We provide upfront and open communication and expect the same in return.


While the rise of the internet has provided countless benefits to business’s, it has greatly decreased the amount of face to face interactions. While digital screens provide valuable information, the information only flows in one direction.

People still crave connection more than ever. With this in mind, we create engaging, interactive, two-way experiences that help you and your customers connect more.



Online marketing and chatbot expert Bradley Roth knows how to get people results by capitalizing on only the most high-value and impactful strategies

Breakthrough Digital is a leader in chatbot building, tools and support. Bradley has worked with many industries across a variety of online channels and has found chatbots to be an absolute game changer compared to other popular online strategies.

Most agencies that build chatbots throw it in as an add-on to other services they offer, and so they typically create cookie-cutter chatbot solutions.

At Breakthrough Digital, we don't do anything other than build the best damn chatbots on the market. We stick to our specialty in order to produce a top-notch product.



We Use Cutting-Edge methods to leverage the incredible power of Chat Bots & Messenger Marketing in order to help Your business:
  • Bring In and convert New, Qualified Leads on autopilot
  • Automate parts of your business without removing the all-important human element
  • Increase lead collection & conversion WITHOUT any new advertising
  • Stand out from your competition
  • Stay in front of the biggest trends instead of playing catch up
  • Have an unfair advantage in your marketplace
  • Easily pre-qualify every new lead
  • Create repeat customers and raving fans
  • Substantially increase revenue without increasing operating expenses