Novice to Pro Series - Part 3
5 Common Mistakes You Do NOT Want To Make

In this post we’ll discuss 5 common Instagram mistakes people make all the time 

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By Bradley Roth

Welcome to part 3 of our Instagram Mastery Series. If you missed Part 1 and Part 2 make sure you check them out.
Just as we talk about what to do to grow your Instagram, it’s just as important to NOT do certain things. 
We’re gonna jump right into it. Here’s a top 5 list of common Instagram blunders to avoid:
  • Don’t Post Irrelevant Content
    • It’s critical that you stay on topic with your posts. This is increasingly important the more niche-specific your page is. And as we will talk about later, having a well-defined niche is super important for growing a big following. If your posts are all over the place then nobody will be able to identify the purpose/message of your profile and will have no good reason to follow you.
  • Don’t Post at the wrong time
    • If you’ve ever posted late at night while everyone is asleep, chances are your engagement was almost non-existent. That’s because nobody was online to see it in that initial 1 hour window (we talked about in part 1). Will it still get some engagement? Sure, but you’re going to be way better off posting when a lot of your followers are likely to be on Instagram.
  • Don’t Leave Your Bio Empty
    • Your bio is basically your first impression. It’s your elevator speech that explains what your page is all about. Please please please don’t leave it blank. Nobody connects with a blank bio. (More on how to set up the perfect profile coming next lesson)
  • Don’t Leave your captions empty
    • The caption is important because it gives you a chance to provide context to your post, speak to your audience, and include hashtags to help your post get found. Please don’t leave it blank. Trust me on this one
  • Don’t “bunch” or “rapid-fire” posts
    • Posting consistently is key. However, just because you didn’t post for a few days, that doesn’t mean you should rapid fire 3+ posts back to back to back. It comes off as spammy and lowers your engagement, as Instagram doesn’t want to give a bunch of your posts maximum engagement at the same time. Don’t be that guy or girl who posts all at once. It won’t help your cause. If you’re going to want to post 2-3 times/day, just be sure to space them throughout the day.

just because you didn’t post for a few days, that doesn’t mean you should rapid fire 3+ posts back to back to back. 

Stay tuned for the next lesson where we discuss how to set up the perfect profile  

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