If you aren’t actively or correctly using social media for your business, you are likely leaving A Lot of money on the table. Below is a broad overview of what I call the “Big 6” social media platforms and why you need to be using them:


  • Facebook, along with Google, is the king of digital advertising right now. Never before has there been a platform with the hyper-targeting capabilities Facebook currently has. Facebook , when used correctly, can get your ads in front of your ideal customer for pennies-on-the-dollar compared to traditional advertising.
  • Instagram is like Facebook’s younger brother, but he’s growing up fast. It’s ability to hyper-target prospects can’t quite match Facebook, but it’s a close 2nd. However, Instagram tends to get higher engagement than Facebook, and engagement is the name of the game in social media advertising. Instagram has become absolutely essential for almost any consumer based business.
  • If your business appeals to a younger demographic (18-25) at all, being active on Snapchat is an absolute must, as it is currently their most heavily used platform. Snapchat allows to build a deep connection with your audience to develop loyal followers.
  • YouTube allows you to reach a level of depth with your information that other social media platforms can’t touch on their own. This is because someone watching a YouTube video is expecting to give your content their full attention for a longer period of time than other platforms.
  • Twitter is short-form communication. You can use it very often without overdoing it. Think a little more “quantity-over-quality” compared to other platforms. This allows you to constantly stay top-of-mind with your audience.
  • LinkedIn is the most “professional” of the commonly-used platforms. LinkedIn is a great place to give and receive testimonials and recommendations, network, and scout talent for potential employees.

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